Elephant Bay Resort was previously known as Gu Bay Resort (Gu’s Bay). Gu is a traditional Thai word used by local people. It can have many meanings such as me, my or mine. Bay referred to Bailan Bay, where Gu Bay Resort was located. Hence Gu Bay translates into My Bay.

As constant development is needed, the change of ownership in December 2014 will lead to alterations and improvements made to the resort. Essentially everything guests love about the resort will stay the same, and everything that didn’t work we are going to fix. This will be done while maintaining the existing atmosphere and ambiance. We see these changes as a fresh start and feel that a name change is a natural expression of this new direction.

Elephant Bay Resort is connected to the community of the small town of Bailan Bay (Bai Lan Bay). The town is part of the Koh Chang Marine Park, Mu Koh Chang, and is situated on the south-west of the island.

A magnificent sunset will await you almost every evening; it has our guests gather around and share the moment as the perfect start to their night. The resort is conveniently located: Bailan Bay main street shops are a 0.1 km or a 2 minute walk away. Bang Bao Fisherman Village and Pier are 3 km south and Lonely Beach is 2 km north. Additionally, the closest sandy beach is only a 10 minute walk from the resort.

The resort has a big garden with lots of room to play sports such as volleyball and badminton, hang-out in one of the several hammocks or just enjoy the sun by the pool. It is both a place to be by yourself and to meet people. Moreover, unlike almost all resorts on Koh Chang, Elephant Bay Resort has a wall on both sides, which along with only one entrance and exit makes your stay as safe and private as possible.

The restaurant, where you can order food from 08.00 AM – 13.30 PM and 16.30 PM – 20.30 PM, serves both Thai and Western food. The bar opens at 08.00 AM and as there is no set closing time, closes when the last guest or the bartender calls it a night.

While the resort offers a relaxed and calm atmosphere, a real party is never far away. Take a songtaew taxi to Lonely Beach. Catch one at the street or have one called for you and they can drop you off at the right party within minutes from leaving the resort.

Our two dogs living at the resort, Charlie and Gogo, are very friendly to our guests and love to be petted. Having dogs around is also a protection against other dogs, as they will stand guard and protect the property. So they won’t like it if you bring along your own. Our dogs are well fed so please refrain from feeding them!

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