Elephant Bay Resort has a range of indoor and outdoor activities:


Pool table: It costs 20 baht to play, but if you’re good one of the staff may challenge you to a free match.

Foosball table: It’s a classic and it’s free to play.

Guitar: Teach yourself, then play for us. We love to be serenaded.

Board games: At Elephant Bay Resort we like to play board games, but we LOVE to win.

Mini library: Feel  free to borrow a book from our little library. If you want to take one with you, please leave one behind in return.


Volleyball: Have you ever played volleyball with the ocean behind you and the mountains in front of you? We have…

Badminton: Read the volleyball blurb. Same thing.

Canoes: We had two but gave one to local fisherman to use. We have ordered another one which will be here soon. In high season guests enjoy paddling to one of the nearby islands.

Hammocks: We have seven peppered throughout the resort. Four of them have FANTASTIC views. First come, first serve.

Lounge deck: This large, flat, and octagonal area in high season is loaded with cushions, mats and other soft stuff which makes it a great place to lie down and stare at the stars. Unfortunately the rain during low season doesn’t allow us to have this fantastic spot ready to-go on a day-to-day base, but we’ll prepare it for you on request!

Swimming pool: We love our pool. It’s large, kid friendly, has spa jets, and is great for playing games. The best part though is the ocean view on one side and the mountains on the other.

At high tide, swim in the ocean: We have a rocky beach, so we suggest wearing water shoes. Once you walk about a 100 metres to the reef you’ll be able swim comfortably.

At low tide, search for mussels, clams and shells: We mentioned a 100 metre walk to the reef, well during low tide you can grab a bucket from us and search for mussels, crabs, etc.

Fishing: A lot of people like to walk to the reef to fish. We don’t have fishing gear at the moment, but will by the 2015 high season.

Snorkeling: There’s a nice snorkeling spot a stone’s throw away from us. We don’t have snorkeling gear…yet.

Sandy beach: There is a nice sandy beach nearby.It’s a 7 minute walk to be exact and it’s called Lisca beach. Some of the best pizzas on the island are available there.

* Please be extra careful when swimming in the ocean during low season as there are rip tides.

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