Whether you are a beer fan, wine devotee, cocktail lover or just can’t get enough of a fresh, home-made fruit smoothie, you are welcome to join us at EBR bar. We’ve noticed that backpackers like Thai buckets, but be warned, we make ours stronger than most.

With a pool table, foosball table, board games and a mini library for book swap, there are many activities to enjoy while hanging out in the bar area. For those musically gifted, we have a guitar available to brighten up the place with live music.

EBR bar opens at 08.00 AM and as there is no set closing time, we call it a night when either the last guest or the bartender decides so. Calling it a night at the bar does not  mean you have to go to bed. Why not hop over to Lonely Beach and continue the night. Himmel and TingTong can both be found in Soi 1 and both bars are always up for a party.


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