The Restaurant

When we first launched this resort we never intended to put a lot of time and energy on the culinary aspect of the business, but our love for food has no bounds. All of our ingredients are locally sourced and extremely fresh. Instant coffee is not to be found here!

The restaurant itself is an open space that has many tables and hang-out areas where one can feast on breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We serve many traditional Thai dishes like khao pad (fried rice), pad thai (fried noodles Thai style), and gaeng kiew wan (green curry soup). Additionally, we also serve Western food like hamburgers with french fries, fried chicken baguettes, and banana pancakes.

Please note that in order to give our staff a well-deserved break, food orders are taken from 08.00 AM – 13.30 PM and 16.30 PM – 20.30 PM. If the kitchen is closed we are happy to suggest alternate restaurants. Some of us are foodies and have been making a list of the best places to eat on the island!

The Lounge

The Lounge, which is part of the restaurant, has funky and comfortable seating which is perfect for playing board games, chatting, reading, and even napping. It is a fantastic place to spend a rainy day or to meet people. If guests are in the mood for specific music they can use our Spotify account or they can plugin their own device into our sound system. Some of the staff at Elephant Bay Resort love board games, and as such we carry classics such as monopoly and Backgammon; as well as niche games such as Hanabi and Keezen. The lounge is also equipped with the perfect seating for reading. It enables readers to lie down whilst propping up their head and shoulders. Feel free to borrow a book from our library and read comfortably for hours on end.

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