Always wanted to ride an elephant? Koh Chang, meaning Elephant Island, is the perfect place for an elephant trekking. There are several camps on the island where you can enjoy one or two-hour trekkings. The two-hour trekking includes swimming with the elephants.

In total there are six camps on the island. Our recommendation is Ban Kwan Chang, which is in the north part of the island, in Klong Son. If you are interested in doing an elephant trekking, consider doing the two-hour tour. You’ll be going through the jungle and will end with swimming with the animals. It is fun to see them playing in the water and actually enjoying it!

You may be on the fence when it comes to doing an elephant trekking, as are most guests. Read some of the reviews of Ban Kwan Chang on TripAdvisor and get yourself familiar with this company.

The elephant trekking, one and two-hours, can be booked directly at the bar at the resort, just give us at least one day notice. There are three daily pick-up times namely; 08.10 AM, 10.10 AM and 12.10 PM. In case you have a preference for a specific time, as it is first come first serve, the sooner you let us know the better.


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