The island has many waterfalls to offer. Naturally, rain season is the best time of year to visit them, as the falls are most powerful. This should not be a reason to not visit them during dry season though, also known as high tourist season. Some of the waterfalls have water year round, and the pools at the bottom are inviting to cool down on a hot, sunny day.

Klong Plu Waterfall

The most famous waterfall on the island is Klong Plu in Klong Prao. The reason it’s best known is due to the fact that this one has water year round. If you’re renting a motor bike to get around the island, you can park it close by the waterfall, paying 10 THB for parking. Moreover, as you’ll be entering the National Park, a fee of 200 THB per adult and 100 THB per child is asked. The visiting hours of the park are 08.00 AM til 16.00 PM.

To get to the waterfall, it’s about a 600 metre walk, or 15 minutes. The trail is marked by ropes and easy steps, to make it accessible for anyone. The fall has rocks and cliffs on the side where you can jump of and dive into the pool. Why not put on your swim suit and go and take a look for yourself?

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