Below you will find a map which contains various points of interests. We decided what to include on the map based on three factors: they are staff favorites, guests love them, or we believe they might be useful to our guests. Over time we will keep adding more locations, but only if they meet one of our criteria

Click the icon with 3 horizontal lines located at the top left hand corner of the map. You will be presented with a list of locations.


The north side of the map shows the ferry as well as the two piers. Our Getting to Koh Chang page has more information about the ferry and travelling to the island.


The nearest apothecary (pharmacy) is a 3 minute drive from the resort. If you require medical attention the first thing to do is inform a staff member as we carry a first aid kit on site.

If you need to go to a hospital you have three options:

1. The Koh Chang Hospital

This is a government run public hospital. It is the furthest hospital, located on the east side of the island, and the staff speak Thai and limited English. If you aren’t insured and money is tight than this is your best choice.

2. Bangkok Hospital Koh Chang

The Bangkok Hospital is a chain of hospitals available throughout Thailand. Despite having the word Bangkok in it’s name this hospital is in fact located on Koh Chang.  It is a private hospital which caters to foreigners. It’s the most expensive hospital on the island, but it also has the best facilities, doctors and services.  As it is part of a chain of hospitals, any service not available on the island, you will get transported to Bangkok Hospital Trat to be treated there. The staff speak English and accept insurance.

3. Koh Chang medical clinic international

As the name suggests this is a clinic and not a hospital. This clinic is equipped to handle minor wounds and diseases such as dengue fever.


Some of the activities mentioned in our Explore Koh Chang are shown on this map.


Most of the nightlife takes place in Lonely Beach. The two most popular spots for dancing and partying are Himmel and Ting Tong. The music in these clubs plays until 06.00 AM.


The map denotes a few of our favorite places to eat and drink, but by no means is this list complete. Come by and talk to us; we always have the right recommendation.

 Koh Chang Map

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