Elephant Bay Resort Rooms

The resort has 26 private rooms of which 13 have air conditioning. Just like the common areas, our rooms are well known for their original and quirky décor. Each rooms’ wall designs were created by different local artist which means that no two rooms are the same. All of Elephant Bay Resort’s rooms were recently refurbished which includes new mattresses,  shelving units, clothes racks, and linen. Additionally, most rooms have been renovated and in some cases the units have been demolished and rebuilt.

Elephant Bay Resort Rates

Typically, there are three seasonal periods that can be determined. High season, peak season and low season.

High season usually starts mid October and lasts until the end of April. During high season, there are two peak periods.
The first one is from 20 December until 5 January, which is Christmas and New Year’s holiday for most people. The second peak is found in April on the 11th, 12th and 13th. Plus any surrounding weekend dates. It is Songkran on these dates, the Thai New Year celebration and is a lot of fun. Click the link to find out more about Songkran.
That leaves low season, which starts at the end of April, after the Sonkran festival and will last until mid October.

The island fills up quickly during these peak periods and trying to find a place to stay as a walk-in can be very difficult. We therefore highly recommend to make a booking beforehand, so you can start your holiday worry-free.

All rates are subject to availability. For accurate availability for our rooms and rates, please click on our Book Now button or contact us at [email protected]


  • Standard Double - Elephant Bay Resort (formerly Gu Bay Resort)

    Standard Double

    Our Standard Double rooms are the ideal fit for the worldly backpacker. Give yourself the luxury of a private bathroom with hot water, yet the easiness of meeting people and trading stories because of the relaxed atmosphere.

  • Standard Twin Room - Elephant Bay Resort Koh Chang (formerly Gu Bay Resort)

    Standard Twin

    Are you travelling with a close friend, family member or a newfound friend and prefer to have your own bed? Our Standard Twin room will be an excellent choice! Two separate mattresses gives you the comfort you require, and together with a private […]

  • Superior Aircon - Elephant Bay Resort Koh Chang (formerly Gu Bay Resort)

    Superior Aircon

    Sitting outside in front of your room will give you the tranquil view of the ocean, and the garden. There are five Superior rooms, each equipped with (1) double bed and a private bathroom with hot shower. Not used to the hot climate here […]

  • Ocean View Deluxe bedroom @ Elephant Bay Resort Koh Chang (formerly Gu Bay Resort)

    Ocean View Deluxe

    The latest renovation to our beautiful resort added the Ocean View Deluxe room. If you love the atmosphere of Elephant Bay Resort, but are looking for more luxury when it comes to your accommodation, look no further! Our Deluxe room has […]

  • Ocean View Bungalow with Terrace - Elephant Bay Resort (formerly Gu Bay Resort)

    Ocean View Bungalow with Terrace

    Our five bungalows are detached units which provide additional privacy. They all have their own terrace, so you can enjoy the views while sitting right in front of your room. Each home is marked by a different color doorpost, and are decorated […]

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